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logo 1 rugby colosseumcupRUGBY ROME 2021 COLOSSEUM CUP

Welcome to the first edition of the Colosseum Cup Rome 2021 Trophy.


This Trophy will take place for Rugby XV (XV a Side Game)


It is possible to register for the tournament and for the category on our website (www.rome.colosseumcup.it).

We have decided to divide the registration phase into two stages to facilitate those teams who basically want to participate but still have to build the team and at the same time do not want to lose priority, the tournament is limited in both specialties and the "who comes first" rule applies


The team registration fee is set at Euro 150 + the individual registration fee for each player set at Euro 180 and includes:

1- Registration for the tournament
2- Refereeing and timekeepers
3- Tournament T-Shirt
4- Free Beer during the Tournament (except in the evening during the Saturday party)
5- Cups, medals and trophies for everyone
6- Welcome buffet
7- Sunday evening dinner (drinks not included) with live music
8- Transfers to and from Airport and to and from Hotel (if staying in our hotels)
9- Street Food Area at the playgrounds with discounted prices
10- Excursions to sites of interest and museums at discounted prices
11- Photo shoot of all the games played

Festival companion fee is set at Euro 80 (adults only - children 16-12 - 50%, under 8 Free)

Event T-Shirt
Sunday dinner with live music
Free beer during matches
Welcome Buffet

Quote Hotel 4 * - 80 euros per night and includes:

Overnight breakfast and dinner
Transfer from airport / station to hotel and return


The team registers their team by filling out the tournament form on the tournament page www.rome.colosseumcup.it  on our website and then makes the payment by paypal or bank transfer of the registration fee for the team of € 150.

The balance of the tournament price must reach us within 30 days of the start date of the tournament.

The team must immediately specify whether they will take advantage of our All Inclusive package and therefore of our Hotel or not, this we need to block the rooms that are normally double rooms (any added people can also be communicated later)


Bank details for registration:

Colosseum cup hockey club asd 
IBAN: IT34V 07601 03200 001040293910 
BIC/SWIFT: BPPIITRRXXX , indicando come causale:  iscrizione Colosseum CUp 2021  “nome team”  . 


The team manager / coach or whoever completes the registration takes all responsibility that the players of his team are properly informed about all the rules of the event and that they are in good health to participate in the sporting event, therefore in good standing with the sports medical examination carried out in their own territory and that all athletes are not prejudicial to the practice of sporting activity.

The team manager will then provide the accompanying list (name, surname, year of birth, identity document).
ONLY registered players and companions will have the right to roam freely in all areas of the party, a parcel pass will be given without which access will be denied, especially to the Bar and the FREE BEER service. 


The teams, depending on the number registered, will be divided into 2 or 3 groups, each team will play two games a day organized in order to leave half a day free (morning or afternoon) to devote to an alternative activity such as visiting the city or other .

- Final stages: each team, depending on the results of Saturday, will access the final stage playing at least 1 game on Sunday, continuing the tournament with clashes ad direct elimination However, a match scoreboard will be drawn up and published on our website after registration is complete.






Teams should arrive, for convenience, the day before the tournament starts by bus, train, car or plane.

All the teams that will be accommodated in our partner hotels will be entitled to the shuttle service to and from the airport on the day of arrival and the day of departure.

Depending on the arrival time, a large bus can be sent to transport one or more teams and it is therefore possible to wait at the airport, as well as on the day of departure all the teams will be transferred to the airport well in advance of their time. departure, any transfer will in any case be agreed with one of the managers of the tournament organization based on the availability of buses.

a) GUIDES. Each team will receive by email all the details of their transport and the guide who will be waiting for them at the hotel upon their arrival. A group will also be created on the WHATSApp application with the managers of each team and all our staff in order to always keep in touch.

b) TRANSPORT TO THE HOTEL. Transportation to and from the hotel on the day of arrival and departure is guaranteed by the organization for all teams who have chosen to stay in one of our partner hotels.

Transport to and from the playing fields is organized by minivan for those who will stay further away from the playing fields, generally our hotels are located no more than 500/800 meters from the fields where we play and it is therefore easy to reach the position even in feet.


Upon your arrival at the Hotel one of our Hostesses will take care of receiving you, checking that you are all positioned in the rooms you requested and that everything is in order, they will deliver to the team manager the equipment for each player which consists of a bag containing

1) Tournament neck badge that allows entry to the sports complex where the tournament takes place,

2) The tournament commemorative t-shirt

3) Access for free beer during the tournament and access to the final dinner on Sunday. Please note that access to these events will not be allowed without the identification badge;

4) places at the Sunday dinner are limited by the number of participants registered by the team

5) a copy of this information letter e

6) a simple form (disclaimer) to be filled in, signed and returned to the Organizing Committee via the respective hostesses on the Friday morning before kick-off

7) Map of the center of Rome and directions on how to get around.

Each Team manager will receive a number of "bags" equal to the number of registered and paying subscribers, it is strongly recommended to check by the evening that everything is in order so that if there were any errors it can be repaired immediately.


The Organizing Committee, in order to make all the participants in the tournament known and fraternize, will offer a welcome drink on the Thursday evening before the tournament starts from 21:00 to 23:00.

Entry is allowed only to people who have the accreditation badge for this event,

they should have received from their team manager.

Here the Local Organizing Committee of the Festival will officially open the COLOSSEUM CUP 2021


After breakfast at the hotel, the teams will meet, in front of their hotel, with the guide and they will be transferred by bus to the TRE FONTANE sports center.

The exact departure time from the hotels will be provided by the hostesses the day before upon arrival at the hotel or later with a whatsapp message to the team managers


The Colosseum Cup is a party, a sports tournament organized to bring together people who share a great sporting passion such as rugby, a team sport capable of fostering those feelings such as brotherhood and friendship. The Colosseum Cup is consequently addressed to all lovers of this fantastic sport, therefore, having available one of the most prestigious facilities in Rome with three natural grass fields, we have decided to include the following categories:

OLD 35-50

OLD + 50

The kick-off of the first round of matches is scheduled for 09:30. The matches will be played in

fields available for the Festival.

A list of all participating teams and categories will be constantly updated on the site

Tournament website: www.rome.colosseumcup.it


Each category will be divided into two groups, each team will play at least 2 games per day, each of 2x15 min.

All teams must be ready in time for their matches according to the Schedule Delivered to Team Managers, in order to avoid unnecessary delays. Which teams will play in the specific fields and which teams should prepare for the next series of matches will be announced. All this will be available on the printed program, and on the large board inside the stadium in front of the entrance to the playing fields.


For both categories the Standard Rules of the XV Rugby Game will apply containing the following usual modifications for veterans:

1) no melee thrusts,

2) no kicks outside 22 m (except the free kick in touch) and

3) no lift in touches.

If check any of the actions mentioned above, a free kick will be awarded against the team

who committed the foul. The maximum stroke limit with the ball is 20m, the no. 8 can catch the ball

after the scrum. No transformation after the goal.

“GOLDEN OLDIES” SPIRIT. Everyone should have fun with the "golden oldies" game therefore, we kindly ask you to respect the age, the conditions of the veterans of the opponents and the fair play: health and no injury is more important than any outcome and no violence either brutality will be tolerated.


All Gold category players must be at least 35 years old. In the Platinum category all players must be at least 50 years old and / or older and only in case of lack of players, max. 2 players aged 45 and over can play for a team.

REFEREE COLOSSEUM CUP  : The organizing committee recruits professional referees for each of its events, however if any team wants to bring a referee can do so, the organizing committee guarantees the referees who arrive together with the hotel payment and a daily attendance fee, however these referees they will be assigned to referee by the referee committee and cannot then refuse to referee the games assigned to them. Referees must show up the day before the tournament for the pre-event meeting.

PRE TOURNAMENT BRIEFING The evening before the tournament a small briefing will be organized between all the team managers of the registered teams.

INSURANCE. Each team and each player are responsible for their own insurance and health coverage, they are required to sign the “disclaimer” form before the first kick-off.

FOOD AND BEVERAGES. During the course of the tournament, from the beginning of the first game to the end of the last game of the day, all tournament members and guests with badges will be able to consume unlimited beer for free (the service ends 30 minutes after the end of the last match of the day and restart the day after) and special prices will be applied at the refreshment services for lunches and sandwiches.

WHAT TO DO AFTER THE TOURNAMENT OR ON THE FREE DAY. The organization will try to schedule the matches of each team so that they have half a day off or in the case of the OLD a full day off (Saturday), during this time guests can take advantage of our advice to visit Rome and its beauties. Upon request, the organizing committee can organize guided tours in museums and places such as "the Colosseum" or "the Vatican Museums" or other locations, to make all this possible we ask you to communicate your request at least three weeks in advance


Sunday 16th, after breakfast, the teams will move to the fields. Each team will play a minimum of 3 games, 2x15 min, in the chosen category, or a shorter game if so agreed between the teams. Start at 09.30 as scheduled.

At the end of the matches all participants can go to the hotel to change, rest and prepare for the final evening which will begin at 20:30 at the TURBACCI Brewery Restaurant with live music, the whole meal is included in the registration price for the tournament while drinks are excluded instead.

Entrance to the dinner will be allowed only to registered and paying members of the tournament, it will not be possible to add paid people under any circumstances. At the end of the evening our coaches will take all guests back to their hotels.

The Turbacci Brewery Restaurant is located above the Palaghiaccio in Rome, for those wishing to try their hand at ice skating will have access to discounted prices.

DEPARTURES Most of the participating teams are expected to leave Rome on Monday 17

MAY 2021.

The teams will be picked up from their hotels by bus and transported to the airport abundantly before the departures of their respective flights.


All participants are required to comply with the rules and regulations set for the event by the Colosseum Cup and EVRA as well as the provisions, laws and regulations valid in Italy.

Each team and individual declares that they are sufficiently insured for injury, damage, loss, etc. and any other eventuality arising from their participation in the event or their stay in Italy, both during matches and in any other event organized as part of the event or the optional program of activities and excursions.

The Organizing Committee and the people involved in the organization of the event will not be liable for injury, illness, loss, theft, damage or other things resulting from participation in the event or from staying in Italy. All participants fully agree with these Terms and Conditions and are required to respect and keep them in mind at all times.


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